AI Engineer (Junior)

The Company
The mission of Complear is to build the digital platform that becomes the operating system of Digital Health products compliance with Medical Device Regulations around the world.

We want to make it easy for Digital Health teams of any background to become compliant from day 1, while driving business strategy decisions supported by solid regulatory information. Our goal is to empower teams using automation and community intelligence on most of the process of building and running a quality system for Digital Health products, allowing companies to quickly set up and scale their operations, enter the market, while navigating the continuous flexibility of software.

As a company that started with Consultancy Services, we are bootstrapping the creation of a small product team aiming to launch a Digital Tool to automate Technical Documentation MVP to use with our client. As we achieve product-market fit, we will increase the resources to scale the team and this area.

The Job


As a AI Engineer you work closely with our Chief of Innovation in our in-house development efforts on the Technical Documentation recommendation tools to be integrated in Complear Platform. You’ll be part of a small cross-functional team, in-house and outsourced, that’s responsible for the full software development life cycle, from conception to deployment. As a Junior AI Engineer, you should be comfortable exploring new areas, and creating new tools.

We are looking for people that are passion and committed to deliver in new projects, are eager learners, and seek all sorts of information to have the best opinion on strategic decisions. As our company grows, we expect you to grow with us, since this is a quite new field, everyone is learning together.

You will be learning about the Software Development Lifecycle for Medical Software, and use it to build AI tools on top of pre-trained Large Language Models. At the same time we build our product, you will be immersed in multiple other Digital Health software that make every day a day to learn from the best!

You will continuously learn by doing, as we explore new tools, but with access to our team of experts, you will be exploring novel approaches and become yourself an expert.

As Junior entry position, you will find a place to grow and explore new things, flexible working hours, and a chance to play a vital role in transforming how digital health firms manage their technical documentation. If you are a team player who enjoys creating new software tools, and passionate about learning about AI, and transforming the healthcare landscape, we would love to hear from you. Complear is based in Portugal, but we work fully remote, so you can live anywhere in the world. If in Portugal, our team gathers often to have good food and work together.


Your job is as follows:
  • Learn every day. We don’t expect to know everything, we only expect you to be eager to learn and gain experience in the technologies and tools needed to improve and further develop our current platform. Even as we start now building the team, you won’t be alone on this challenge! You can rely on our team advisors and network of experts to be there for you.
  • Be one with the Community – You will explore new tools, and spend your days exploring and testing pre-trained LLMs models, creating scripts and service setups to use them with embedded data, doing prompt engineering to improve outcomes and create datasets to allow fine-tuning of pre-trained models.
  • Hands-on responsibility. Even in a Junior position, you are expected to be proactive, seek solutions with the broader community, and take on the projects, not tasks.
  • Focus on delivering to User’s needs. You will be side to side with our users, as our team are themselves users of the Complear platform, so you will understand the business, understand the needs, and be able to bring those into our AI tools.
  • Be part of an exciting team. We are a startup working in the amazing and boiling environment of medical devices both as consultants and building a new AI plataform to change how things are done. This is the future, and our team already makes part of it. Come to join us!


This is an excellent position for someone who wants to learn how to build AI tools that make others work easier when writing about their products in Digital Health, and is not afraid of jumping into unknown areas.

  • (Must) Development languages: Knowledge of server-side programming languages including Python (this would be the only pre-requisite you shall master)
  • (Nice to Have, but you can learn) Comprehensive understanding of large language models, their structure, operation and applications: Having previously built some projects leveraging Large Language Models (ie. ChatGPT, Llama/Llama2, Red Pajama), Langchain, and worked on improving prompts and trying to fine-tune models to specific applications.
  • (Nice to Have, but you can learn) AI Server Datapoint: Experience with HuggingFace,, Google Colab, or other GPU Instance DataServers would help to jump quickly into work.
  • (Nice to Have, but you can learn) Server: Experience working with Node JS servers with a solid background in Linux, and ease around Docker would an addon, as we work with those for deployment. (but you can learn on the job!)
  • Excellent writing and communication skills
  • Feel comfortable not reinventing the wheel as long it delivers something more efficiently
We often seek people with diverse profiles ready to jump into new projects, exposing them to new challenges, significantly beyond the traditional university curriculum, or day-to-day job.

How to Apply

The best candidate is so good that they want to build something big, but humble enough to realize that the best opportunities still require some hustle.
Please send us an email to that explains who you are, why you could be a fit, and what your priorities are for what you do next.