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Complear is not a provider. They are not a supplier. They are a partner with expertise to ensure that Glintt complied with all medical device regulations.

Cristiano Marques, Glintt (PT)

With Complear’s help we learn the steps that enable us to transform an innovative technology into a certified medical product. We were given comprehensive information about the regulatory pathway, as well as advice to help us guide our medical device development in accordance with regulatory requirements.

Sara Reis, Insignals Neutotech (UK / PT)

It was a pleasure to work with Complear. Very professional and attentive.

Telma Mota, Altice Labs (PT)

Complear was crucial to understanding our regulatory pathway and navigating the complexity of EU regulation. This information will be essential to understand all regulatory scenarios and decisions about our product for our next steps to reach the market.

Narcis Ricart Geli, Dermavision Solutions (ES)